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Privately held since 1985 and founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Molecular Biology Resources, Inc. (MBR) has earned the reputation as a world leader in biochemical manufacturing. An early pioneer in the restriction endonuclease and polymerase market, MBR continues to help move the industry forward with our ever-expanding product line of unique reagents and testing services. 

Having developed a considerable global reach, MBR’s research and development teams are well positioned to take full advantage of innovations from rapidly expanding biotechnology industries, both in the United States and abroad.

MBR Corporate Chronology

With expertise in molecular biology, genetics, biochemical engineering, toxicology and fermentation, MBR offers the highest quality biochemicals, reagents, dna ladders and nucleic acid extraction and purification kits. With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, MBR has both the versatility to offer a variety of solutions from individual customized applications to large scale OEM, and a reputation for unparalleled quality.

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